Our story

Hi there!

A Life Untold is a family business. That's us in the photo – I'm Josh, my wife's name is Beatrix and that's our beautiful daughter Eve. We're proud Australians with cultural roots that trace back to China and Eastern Europe. Like all families, ours is full of stories – some shared, some untold, but none of which are written down.

After Eve was born we got into a sentimental mood and wanted to record our parents' life stories for her (and to be honest, for us too). We wanted these stories to be written down, so they could be retold and remembered for years to come. We couldn't find a good way to do that so decided to interview them and publish their answers into a book. We love the books (and so do our parents), so took the idea and created A Life Untold.

Our mission is to make it easy, fun and affordable for absolutely anyone to write and print their life story into a beautiful book.

We hope you love it as much as we do.

Happy writing!

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Our family - Josh, Beatrix and Eve