A Life Untold

A Father’s Day Gift
He Will Never Forget

Preserve his precious memories and life stories, full of laughter & tears, in a beautiful keepsake book. Pass his legacy to generations where every page tells a story you never knew — the perfect Father’s Day Gift.

4.8/5 | Over 10,000+ Happy Customers

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A Mother’s Day Gift She Will Never Forget

Preserve her precious memories and life stories, full of laughter & tears, in a beautiful keepsake book. Pass her legacy to generations where every page tells a story you never knew — the perfect Mother’s Day Gift.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 4.8/5 | Over 10,000+ Happy Customers

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As Seen In

Craftsmanship That Honors His Precious Stories

Our books are designed to preserve your family history and last for generations. We’ve sourced high-quality materials that become cherished heirlooms over time, protecting the treasure inside.

Your father loves it or get your money back.

A Unique Gift He Will Treasure Forever

Flowers wilt and gift cards spend, but memories? They're timeless. It's not just a gift; it’s his legacy, beautifully bound to be cherished for generations.

Grow Closer Together

Hearing his untold stories brings you closer with every page and keeps the family spirit alive.

Preserve Precious Memories

Create a lasting memoir that will be cherished across generations.

A Journey Of Joy

Crafting this book will bring back a flood of memories—laughter, tears, love, and friendship—making it a profoundly joyful experience for him.

Recognized As The “Perfect Gift” For Bringing Families Together

How It Works

3 simple steps, a lifetime of stories

1. Answer Questions:

Your Dad completes an online interview with 101 thought-provoking questions about his life.

2. We Craft His Book:

We'll combine all the questions, answers and photos to craft his legacy in a professionally designed autobiography.

3. Cherish Forever:

After your final approval, we’ll print and deliver this beautiful keepsake book, ready to cherish for generations.

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4.8 | Over 10,000+ Happy Customers

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A gift that will be treasured for generations.

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10,000+ Stories. Infinite Memories.

Rated 4.8/5 | Hear from thousands of happy customers all around the world

Customer Reviews

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We know every story is unique and we'll work with you to make sure your book comes out just right.

Rebecca Spencer3 February, 2024

“The book has arrived and it is absolutely beautiful. It was the best present I ever received!” Read on Facebook

Nancy Ferb5 January, 2024

“I was thrilled with my finished book! It’s very professionally produced. You are writing history!” Read on Facebook

Lise Galipeau4 October, 2023

“When I received my book, I had tears, it’s beautiful.” Read on Facebook

Melissa Crawford8 September, 2023

“Highly recommend so your family can truly learn about you.” Read on Facebook

Catherine Carroll Groff23 February, 2023

“Absolutely so easy to do! We were so pleased with the finished book!” Read on Facebook

Liane Henkell26 January, 2023

“I truly cannot express what a wonderful gift this was for my mom.” Read on Facebook

Annette Kleinert14 January, 2023

“The quality of the printed book was excellent!” Read on Facebook

Lynda Stewart4 January, 2023

“It was a great experience and the quality of the book was impressive.” Read on Facebook

Kristen Henderson19 May, 2022

“I recommend A Life Untold with the highest regards. It is a treasured keepsake.” Read on Facebook

Laura Richards5 May, 2022

“The process was so easy. This is truly a great product and highly recommended.” Read on Facebook

Jacqueline MacNeil24 February, 2022

“Excellent quality, excellent service! So glad we did this.” Read on Facebook

Laura Ross Chestnut15 February, 2022

“They were very easy to work with, and the quality of the book was excellent.” Read on Facebook

Julianne Carter20 March, 2021

“I am recommending a life untold to all my friends. Wonderful experience.” Read on Facebook

Ghillian Sullivan19 March, 2021

“Really good customer service. Quality of the book is excellent. A great way to preserve family history.” Read on Facebook

Jo Ann Watson7 March, 2021

“What a beautiful way to pass on family history. We all have a story to tell–tell yours!” Read on Facebook

Kathy Shea20 February, 2021

“Beautiful book of my life. This family owned company was patient and wonderful to work with.” Read on Facebook

Katy Koo Garratt3 May, 2020

“I highly recommend this very unique experience. You will not regret taking that step!” Read on Facebook

Rachel Field28 April, 2020

“We are all so thrilled that our children and our children’s children will get to hear about my father’s life.” Read on Facebook

Steve Vitcov16 March, 2020

“I highly recommend this for a way to get to know your parents better and create a lasting way to pass that information on.” Read on Facebook

Kerri Denell17 December, 2019

“I just completed my first book with my dad and it turned out ‘awesome’ (his words)!” Read on Facebook

Nan Bailey14 December, 2019

“Making my story in A Life Untold was a great way to record my story for my family. I received my completed book today and am thrilled with it.” Read on Facebook

Mary L. Landry10 December, 2019

“The books arrived a few days ago and I can hardly wait to give them to my children.” Read on Facebook

Suzi Cole1 December, 2019

“I’m so glad I came across A Life Untold. Thank you for offering such a wonderful service, and thank you for all of your help answering questions as they arose.” Read on Facebook

Desley Polmear31 October, 2019

“I found out how much my children and grandchildren appreciated knowing about my life. I would urge anyone to tell their story.” Read on Facebook

Laura Smith 19 September, 2019

“My mother is 83 and I always wanted to hear her stories about growing up, getting married and raising a family, then getting old.” Read on Facebook

Peggy Hon 2 August, 2019

“I would definitely recommend A Life Untold to anyone who wants to write their life story. What you get is definitely more than the price you pay!” Read on Facebook

Jill R Scardena 21 February, 2019

“I’m excited about it! Also the setup is easy and makes things less difficult when trying to get all your info on paper. Brilliant.” Read on Facebook

Sarah Walter12 January, 2019

“I was really excited when I heard about A Life Untold because it is such a clever and unique idea. I immediately thought of my Mum.” Read on Facebook

From Our Family To Yours

A Life Untold is our family business. That’s us in the photo – I’m Josh, my wife’s name is Beatrix and that’s our beautiful daughter Eve. Like all families, ours is full of stories – some shared, some untold, but none of which are written down.

After Eve was born we got into a sentimental mood and wanted to record our parents’ life stories for her (and to be honest, for us too). We wanted these stories to be written down, so they could be retold and remembered for years to come. We couldn’t find a good way to do that so decided to interview them and publish their answers into a book. We love the books (and so do our parents), so took the idea and created A Life Untold.

Today, we’re making it easy, fun and affordable for families all around the world to capture their stories in a way that truly lasts forever.

Your Father's Story Starts Here

This Father’s Day, make him feel special with a keepsake that will be treasured forever by the next generations. You can get started just in minutes.

Your father loves it or get your money back.


Got Questions?

We promise to make it a smooth and joyful journey for you. If you need help with anything else, just email us at info@alifeuntold.com or fill out the form on our contact page. We’d love to hear from you and create something unforgettable together!
Autobiographies can be difficult to write and hard to read. Our Q&A interview solves both of these challenges. Our interview questions naturally prompt you to remember and record interesting events in your life. Best of all, loved ones who read the final book will feel like they’re sitting down to have a wonderful conversation with you about your life. It’s your story, in your own words.

Yes. We know every story is unique so extra questions can be added to make sure nothing important is missed.

As our interview is self-paced, we’ve had people finish their story in a single sitting. Others love the process and continually refine and expand their answers over many months.

If you’re looking to interview your loved one yourself, we recommend setting aside at least 3 hours with them. Our questions will spark a wonderful conversation so enjoy the process and remember that you don’t have to get through all the questions in a single sitting.

You have 12 months from your start date to complete your book. But don’t worry, that’s plenty of time! However, if you still need more time we will provide an additional 3 month extension at no cost to you. If you need longer than 15 months, then we do charge an additional fee of $5 per month until you finish writing (at which point we will design, print and deliver your book at no additional charge).

Yes. No autobiography is complete without photos and there are no restrictions on how many you can add!

No. We don’t have any word limit, page limit or limit on the number of photos that can be added. That being said, if the final book ends up longer than 150 pages, we charge an additional 50 cents per extra page. That’s just to cover the extra printing cost. As a guide, most books end up around 100 pages.

In these situations we recommend that you use our questions to interview your loved one yourself. Our questions will spark a wonderful conversation so enjoy the process and remember that you don’t have to get through all the questions in a single sitting.

Your initial purchase with A Life Untold includes the first hardcover book designed, printed & delivered. In addition, we’ll provide a digital e-book at no extra charge to make it easy to share the final book with friends and family over email.

If you wish to order additional copies, they can be purchased for $79 per book (or $69 per book if you order 10 or more).

We offer free shipping throughout the USA, Australia, Canada, NZ and the UK.

You can place an order for additional copies of your book here: alifeuntold.com/order-books

Yes. We take privacy seriously and don’t share personal information or our customer’s books with anyone unless given permission to do so.

Yes. If for any reason you’re not happy with your order we offer a 100% money back guarantee. Just let us know within 30 days of your purchase and we’ll provide a full refund. Our only requirement is that no books have been printed.