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    Why do you use a Q&A format?

    Autobiographies can be difficult to write and hard to read. Our Q&A interview solves both of these challenges. Our interview questions naturally prompt you to remember and record interesting events in your life. Best of all, loved ones who read the final book will feel like they’re sitting down to have a wonderful conversation with you about your life. It’s your story, in your own words.

    Can extra questions be added?

    Yes. We know every story is unique so extra questions can be added to make sure nothing important is missed.

    How long will it take?

    As our interview is self-paced, we’ve had people finish their story in a single sitting. Others love the process and continually refine and expand their answers over many months.

    If you’re looking to interview your loved one yourself, we recommend setting aside at least 3 hours with them. Our questions will spark a wonderful conversation so enjoy the process and remember that you don’t have to get through all the questions in a single sitting.

    How long do I have?

    You have 12 months from your start date to complete your book. But don’t worry, that’s plenty of time! However, if you still need more time we will provide an additional 3 month extension at no cost to you. If you need longer than 15 months, then we do charge an additional fee of $5 per month until you finish writing (at which point we will design, print and deliver your book at no additional charge).

    Can photos be added?

    Yes. No autobiography is complete without photos and there are no restrictions on how many you can add!

    Is there a page limit?

    No. We don’t have any word limit, page limit or limit on the number of photos that can be added. That being said, if the final book ends up longer than 150 pages, we charge an additional 50 cents per extra page. That’s just to cover the extra printing cost. As a guide, most books end up around 100 pages.

    What if my loved one has no email?

    In these situations we recommend that you use our questions to interview your loved one yourself. Our questions will spark a wonderful conversation so enjoy the process and remember that you don’t have to get through all the questions in a single sitting.

    What's the cost of additional books?

    Your initial purchase with A Life Untold includes the first hardcover book designed, printed & delivered. In addition, we’ll provide a digital e-book at no extra charge to make it easy to share the final book with friends and family over email.

    If you wish to order additional copies, they can be purchased for $79 per book (or $69 per book if you order 10 or more).

    We offer free shipping throughout the USA, Australia, Canada, NZ and the UK.

    You can place an order for additional copies of your book here:

    Is the book kept private?

    Yes. We take privacy seriously and don’t share personal information or our customer’s books with anyone unless given permission to do so.

    Do you offer refunds?

    Yes. If for any reason you’re not happy with your order we offer a 100% money back guarantee. Just let us know within 30 days of your purchase and we’ll provide a full refund. Our only requirement is that no books have been printed.